Kentuckiana Pride supports LGBT Center with $500 gift

LOUISVILLE, Ky.- Kentuckiana Pride is helping turn an unfortunate event into a victory for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students at the University of Louisville.

In response to a recent incident in which a threat against LGBT students was painted on the walkway in front of UofL's LGBT Center, the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation has donated $500 to the center to help further it's work. Kentuckiana Pride is an organization devoted to supporting creative expression and education related to the LGBT community through charitable and in-kind donations.

"While those who fight so hard against the LGBT community are becoming more and more of the minority thinkers, it is certainly a disheartening feeling when something like this happens," said Brandon Fullen, co-director of the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation. "We hope this gift allows us to show our love for all people and that we will bond together with that love in the face of hate."

UofL has been cited as the most LGBT-friendly public university in the South and one of the most supportive in the nation. The LGBT Center supports people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions through support, educational resources and advocacy.

"The support we receive from Kentuckiana Pride and the entire community is overwhelming," said Brian Buford, assistant provost for diversity and the director of the LGBT Center. "This gift and continued funding from our allies will enable us to continue to help students who often are in need of support and services they need to thrive on our campus and in the community."

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