Professor Tony ArnoldCraig Anthony (Tony) Arnold directs the Resilience Justice Project. He is the Boehl Chair in Property and Land Use, Professor of Law, and Affiliated Professor of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Louisville.

He is an internationally renowned interdisciplinary scholar at the intersection of land use and planning, water and the environment, with particular focus on issues of social and racial justice, resilience and the evolution of governance institutions.

His scholarly work on environmental justice and land use, including the book Fair and Healthy Land Use: Environmental Justice and Planning (American Planning Association 2007), has been widely used by scholars in many disciplines, government agencies and planners, community groups and environmental-justice advocates throughout the U.S. and world. For example, his seminal article on environmental justice and land use, “Planning Milagros,” was cited in a landmark climate-justice opinion by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Professor Arnold’s other major contributions to both knowledge and policy/governance include the concept of property as a web of interests, the integration of land use and water (“wet growth”), adaptive law and resilience, adaptive and inclusive watershed planning, public-interest limits on water privatization, equity in urban ecosystem services and the emergence of “fourth-generation” legal and governance institutions.

He has served on the boards of community-based groups, such as the West Jefferson County Community Task Force (environmental justice organization in Louisville, Kentucky) and Federación Ecuménica de Fe y Acción (microenterprise loan-fund for worker cooperatives in San Antonio, Texas). He has also served on government boards, including as Chairman of the Planning Commission of Anaheim, California, and nonprofit organizations.

He began to develop the Resilience Justice Project as a Visiting Scholar at UCLA under a grant from the Surdna Foundation in collaboration with The City Project and its founder, the late Robert Garcia. Professor Arnold received his Doctor of Jurisprudence with Distinction from Stanford University and his Bachelor of Arts with Highest Distinction, in Political Science and History, from the University of Kansas. He has taught at several different universities, including Stanford University, the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Florida (as the Hurst Visiting Eminent Scholar).