Series 2, Supreme Court (SC), 1907-1932

Series 2, Supreme Court material, consists of Justice Brandeis' incoming correspondence during his tenure on the Supreme Court and holds no legal briefs or opinions. This material follows the correspondence generated by Mr. Brandeis' Senate confirmation hearings that concluded our first series: Nutter, McClennen & Fish (NMF). Having dispensed with secretarial help upon his appointment to the court and working with only a law clerk, the correspondence (incoming only) was initialed and dated by Brandeis, usually with a notation as to its disposition.

This series, chronologically arranged, begins with clipping scrapbooks dealing with Brandeis' interests and activities on the national scene from 1907 to his appointment in 1916. Usually correspondents commented on cases before the court, as well as controversies such as President Franklin Roosevelt's attempt to retire all judges over 70 years of age. Some folders contain material on a specific topic, such as "Wire Tapping" or the "New Ice Case."


Reel 46 Supreme Court 1907-1915
Reel 48 Supreme Court 1917-1923
Reel 49 Supreme Court 1923-1932
Reel 50 Supreme Court 1932-1934
Reel 51 Supreme Court 1934-1936
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