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Faculty-led Programs

This process should only be used for Faculty-led Programs that are not for credit. If students will be earning credit on the trip, only the faculty member should submit a trip in the Travel Registry. Students earning credit on Faculty-led Programs should apply using the Education Abroad site.

Log-in to the Travel Registry Site. Please instruct all travelers to log-in and complete their profiles at this time.




Select “Add a new trip.”




Toggle “Group Trip” on.




Enter trip details.




Choose to add group members now or later. If you have not already instructed your travelers to login and complete their profiles, please do this before adding them to the trip.




In this example, we will add group members now, as the travelers have already completed their profiles. Selecting continue will create the group leader trip. You must save to create the trip for group members.




Add the itinerary details for the trip.




If you are traveling with group members and have the same lodging, you can choose to apply itinerary details to their trips.




Group members will be listed under the Group Members tab. You can see if the traveler has completed their requirements here. You can also send a reminder to group members to complete their requirements.




Continue through the requirements by clicking the Next button at the bottom of the page.




After saving, new requirements will be triggered. Go back through the trip details and complete all new requirements. Requirements will be noted by the red exclamation point on the tabs.




Once you’ve completed the new requirements, click save. You will then be asked if you would like to apply your responses to all group travelers’ trips. Please click No. This will ensure that all group travelers will go through and complete their trip requirements themselves.




Your trip has been saved and updated! Now you need to wait for all group members to complete their trip requirements.




Once all group members have completed their requirements, you will submit the trip for approval. You will need to check periodically to see if all requirements are completed.




Click submit.




The green box will pop up and confirm that you have submitted your trip for approval.




Staff members in the International Center will receive an email notification that you have submitted a trip for approval. Staff will go through your trip and confirm that you’ve completed all requirements. NOTE: Travel will not be approved if you do not have the required signatures on the Request for Authorization of Out of Country Travel Form.

Your trip has been approved! It will now show as approved in the Travel Registry. You will also receive two emails confirming this.






If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of International Travel at .




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