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exterior of Brodschi Hall showing the steps and entry.The Board of Trustees approved the construction of the International Center building at their October 16, 1968 meeting after Dr. George Brodschi, the Center's founder, had raised all the necessary funds. Arthur Tafel Associates, Architects, designed the building. Mr. Arthur Tafel himself custom designed the building to be an international center, a home away from home for international students and scholars; he designed it based on Dr. Brodschi's suggestions.  At the time, Arthur Tafel was a member of the International Center Board; he designed the building free of charge, as his personal contribution to the University of Louisville's internationalization efforts.

In addition, the building was constructed by Rodulfo Realty in 1969-1970. The President of Rodulfo Realty was Mr. Rodulfo Pantoja, a friend of Dr.Brodschi's and a fervent supporter of Dr. Brodschi's internationalization efforts at the University. He constructed the building at cost, again as his contribution to Dr. Brodschi's efforts. The funding for the building came from many individual contributions from the citizens and businesses of the Louisville community. -These contributions were in response to solicitations from Dr. Brodschi himself, as well as from the Board of the International Center (composed of many of Louisville's corporate leaders), to support the internationalization of the University of Louisville.

The International Center was renamed Brodschi Hall and so dedicated for his contributions on March 30, 1981. In effect, the renamed Brodschi Hall honors Dr. Brodschi's twenty-nine years of dedication in international programming and services at the University of Louisville and in the Louisville community. The continued extensive use of the building for the purposes for which it was designed and built is a testament to the legacy Dr. Brodschi left the University ofLouisville­ the importance of internationalization.

Over the years the number of international students/scholars has increased from 2 in 1949, the first year of the Center's existence, to the current population of over 800. These students and scholars, as well as the hundreds of American students with international interests and international friends, look to the International Center for services, advice, counsel, and support. The International Center building was originally designed as a home-away-from-home for international students and scholars, for Americans with international interests, for host families who have "adopted" our students and scholars, and for the myriad administrative services focusing on the University's internationalization efforts. It has always been used for the purpose-the purpose for which it was designed as an international/global focus.


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