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In the Spotlight

 Christopher Andrew Day

Dr. Andrew Day was recently awarded funding from the Kentucky Academy of Science on a new research project “Analyzing recent spatio-temporal rainfall erosivity patterns and trends across Kentucky”. This research will use data from the Kentucky Mesonet to explore how rainfall erosivity has been changing over the last decade compared to long-term records.


Dr. Maegen Rochner was recently awarded funding from the Kentucky Academy of Science for her project titled: “Urban Dendrochronology and Anthropogenic Influences on Forests Across the Urban-Rural Gradient.” This research will use methods in dendrochronology to investigate tree growth and climate sensitivity, forest community structure, and potential natural and human influences across the urban-rural gradient in Louisville, Ky.

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Recent Faculty Publications

Stachowiak, L.A.; Rochner, M.L.; Schneider, E.A.; Harley, G.L.; Collins-Key, S.A.; Bonawitz, H.A., Tree-Ring Based Reconstruction of Historical Fire in an Endangered Ecosystem in the Florida Keys. Fire 2021, 4, 79. 

Laura Egan Krauser, Forrest R. Stevens, Andrea E. Gaughan, Son V. Nghiem, Pham Thi Mai Thy, Pham Tran Nhat Duy, Le Trung Chon, Shedding Light on Agricultural Transitions, Dragon Fruit Cultivation, and Electrification in Southern Vietnam Using Mixed Methods

Maegen L.RochnerKaren J.HeeterGrant L.HarleyJustin T.MaxwellRob J.WilsonJohn T.AbatzoglouShelly A.Rayback, Katherine A.Kitchens, Summer temperature variability since 1730 CE across the low-to-mid latitudes of western North America from a tree ring blue intensity network

Elliot Holmes, Geography MS Graduate, Geospatial Management and Analysis of Microstructural Data from San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) Core Samples

Carrie Mott, Daniel Cockayne,"Understanding how hatred persists: situating digital harassment in the long history of white supremacy"

Jason Naylor, Aaron Sexton, "The Relationship between Severe Weather Warnings, Storm Reports, and Storm CellFrequency in and around Several Large Metropolitan Areas"

Margath Walker, "Is who you know as important as what you know? Mapping the invisible colleges supporting academic prestige"

Wei Song, “Influence of space-time differentiation of frontal area index on surface temperature” and “Landscape-Based Assessment of Urban Resilience: A Case Study of the Central City of Shenyang”

Student Guide

Geographers investigate the character and possible associations between a subject and its environment. The Department of Geographic and Environmental Sciences educates students to view the world in a spatial and time-dependent context to determine relationships between people and their immediate and global environment.

Bachelor of Science: The department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in four different concentrations:

  • Environmental Analysis: designed for students who are interested in the environment and environmental sustainability.
  • Geospatial Technologies: designed for students who are interested in developing geospatial technologies like GIS and remote sensing.
  • Human and Cultural Dynamics: designed for students interested in the forces that shape human environments like population trends, sustainable development, ethnic and racial segregation, globalization and geopolitics.
  • Urban Analysis: designed for students interested in the various processes that shape urban environments.

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The M.S. in Applied Geography is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and background knowledge needed to solve real-world problems with geographic dimensions. Graduate students experience a nucleated body of coursework designed to foster and support the theoretical knowledge and advanced skill sets demanded for the professional and academic/research fields. Coupled with the enhanced level of course content; quantitative, qualitative and spatial data analysis applications; and the Departmental emphasis upon critical reasoning, effective writing and communication skills, graduates will be capable and prepared for effective integration into a broad diversity of professional fields.

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The Department of Geography and Geosciences offers two minors:

  • Minoring in Geography exposes students to the schools of thought in physical and human Geography and techniques of Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Minoring in Environmental Analysis exposes students to the physical processes associated with the environment and environmental sustainability.

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Our graduates work for local, state and federal governments; environmental consulting firm;, retail businesses; and research and educational organizations. Departmental graduates also have been admitted to some of the nation’s finest graduate programs.

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