Forrest R. Stevens, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geography and Geosciences


Research Interests 
Integrated modeling
Quantitative spatial analysis
Human-environment and socio-ecological systems
Natural resource management
Land systems science
Remote Sensing
Rural lands and livelihoods

External funding/Current Projects
2018 NASA GEO. PI: Robert Chen (Columbia University), Co-PI: Andrea Gaughan, Forrest Stevens (University of Louisville), Charles Huyck (ImageCAT). Population and Infrastructure on Our Human Planet: Supporting Sustainable Development through Improved Spatial Data and Models for Human Settlements, Infrastructure, and Population Distribution Based on Earth Observations. Sub-contract, University of Louisville, $95,000 for January – December 2020.

2018 NASA ROSES. PI: Son Nghiem (NASA JPL), California Institute of Technology. Co-I: Andrea Gaughan, Forrest Stevens (University of Louisville). Land Use Status, Change and Impacts in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. September 2017 – August 2020. Sub-contract, University of Louisville $202,491 for May 2018 – April 2021.

2018 Facebook’s Research Academic Relations Program. PI: Andrea Gaughan and Forrest Stevens. Population distribution modeling. May 2018. $60,000.

2016 National Science Foundation Geography and Spatial Science (GSS): Change and Adaptation in Southern Africa: Climate and Land Systems Dynamics of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area. PI: Andrea Gaughan, Co-PI: Narcisa G. Pricope, Forrest Stevens, and Joel Hartter. $325,000 for May 2016 – April 2019. 

2015 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Global high resolution population denominators. PI: Andrew Tatem (University of Southampton), Co-I: Andrea E. Gaughan (University of Louisville), Forrest R. Stevens (University of Louisville), Greg Yetman (Columbia University). $2,321,000 for January 2016 – December 2017. Sub-contract, University of Lousiville: $440,867.