QEP Development
Faculty, staff and the QEP team come together for a Professional Learning Community in order to prepare each instructional team prior to teaching the FYF seminar.

FYF Development

The development of our Find Your Fit initiative took place from 2015 through 2017 and followed guidelines and protocol [PDF] prescribed by SACSCOC. Our QEP development process included ongoing involvement, input and feedback from faculty, staff and student populations across the campus.

FYF Development Timeline Highlights

2014: The QEP Development Committee was appointed to lead the process of creating the new QEP, working from 2015 through 2017. You can review the committee’s original charge from 2014.

2015: The QEP Development Committee uses institutional data and gap analyses to focus the new project on the specific needs of second year students with a specific focus on the exploratory population of students. The draft of the project goals and assessment plan begins with input from key campus partners.

2016: The QEP leaders invite second-year scholar Molly Schaller to campus provide feedback and guidance on the development of the emergent Find Your Fit (FYF) project.

2016-2017: QEP leaders conduct dozens of information sessions and feedback meetings to share the FYF project in development with campus constituents at all levels. The QEP Input and Feedback Report provides a summary of the QEP-related comments and suggestions from constituents across campus.

2018: The FYF proposal is sent to SACSCOC accreditation reviewers who come to campus in March 2018 for the campus reaffirmation visit. Reviewers provide positive feedback and suggestions in reviewing and accepting the project and meet with faculty, staff and students involved in the piloting of the FYF seminar that same semester.

2018-2022: This is the implementation phase of the QEP, with annual reports produced each year and a final report to SACSCOC due in March, 2023