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Find Your Fit (FYF) aims to enhance our students’ inquiry and decision-making skills in order to help them thrive academically and personally.

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Our Find Your Fit QEP initiative is an opportunity to foster a campus-wide conversation about student learning and success in the crucial second year of undergraduate studies. Read the full Find Your Fit QEP Proposal [PDF].

At the heart of this initiative is the design, implementation, and assessment of a new three-credit elective seminar, ECPY 302: Personal and Academic Inquiry. This small seminar experience is designed to enhance the academic and personal success of our undecided and pre-units second-year students, a population we refer to on our campus as “exploratory students.”

As we help our students "find their fit" academically and align their goals with a career path, our QEP project is poised to have long-term implications for how we support our students inside and outside the classroom.

Our new Find Your Fit QEP initiative is an opportunity to foster a campus-wide conversation about student learning and success in the crucial second year of undergraduate studies

This semester I have learned a lot about my career path as well as path of studying and my major. I have done research which I have gained many skills from and I have done activities which showed me skills I already had. I learned a lot about who I am as a person and a student and how I can thrive in the upcoming years of my life. This class has taught me both educationally and personally.

-ECPY 302 student


As defined by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-Commission on Colleges, the (SACS), the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) “describes a carefully designed course of action that addresses a well-defined and focused topic or issue related to enhancing student learning” and “should be embedded within the institution’s ongoing integrated institution-wide planning”. The QEP must be “forward looking” and "launches a process that can move the institution into the future characterized by creative, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences for students." The QEP is a key component of the reaffirmation process for accreditation.

At UofL, we launched the latest QEP, Find Your Fit (FYF), in 2017. Its implementation and assessment activities will follow a five-year arc that will culminate in the QEP Fifth Year Impact Report to SACSCOC in 2023.

This Find Your Fit website will be updated regularly throughout the length of the project.

You can learn more about our institution’s first QEP, Ideas to Action (i2a), and find tools for sustaining its outcomes and activities, here.

Learn more about Ideas to Action (i2a)

At UofL, we are launching our new QEP, Find Your Fit (FYF)
FYF Students work on the I-Search paper in the fall 2020 seminar course taught by Professor JoAnne Sweeny from Brandeis School of Law


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The Find Your Fit Seminars for the Spring 2022 semester are announced and students are encouraged to check them out and register for spring.

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Find Your Fit welcomes two new team members: Caroline Boswell, Ph.D. joined in October as the new Faculty Development Specialist and Abbie Bordewyk, M.Ed. joined in August as the new Graduate Assistant.

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The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Impact Report is underway.