Summer Data Science Short Class

Summer Data Science Short Class - Self Paced and Online. 

Introduction video on Youtube

The schedule is as follows:

  1. Day 1- Why learn about data? Examples of how data can be useful for businesses, governments, researchers, and policy makers. The first day will also include an introduction to R and Rstudio.

  2. Day 2- Making sense of data. Data cleaning and transformation with Tidyverse. 

  3. Day 3- Data visualization in R (graphs, charts, and maps). Extra notes here and here

  4. Day 4- Research Methods. T-test and Regression in R

  5. Day 5- Merging Data and Webscrapping (no module): (video 1 - merging) (video 2 - webscrapping) (notes)

Required: Every student will need a laptop. Instructions on how to install R and Rstudio  on a pc or a mac (hat tip to Reed College who has more resources here) or you can open an Rstudio cloud account. Please have this installed prior to starting the summer camp.

Download this file and run it in Rstudio. Here is a quick video on how to do that. It will install all of the required packages and swirl assignments. Here are the instruction on how to use swirl.

Expectation: Camp participants are expected to know basic statistics and have access to a computer. The only way to really learn data science is BY DOING data science

Contact: Dr. Jose M. Fernandez @UofLEcon or

Suggestions: I welcome suggestions or requests for new materials. I will try to address these given my time constraints.