LATINIDAD The Latino Vote & the 2020 Election

LATINIDAD: The Latino Vote & the 2020 Election Mobilizing the power of the Latino vote to make a difference! This Hispanic/Latinx Faculty & Staff Association (HLFSA) of the University of Louisville presents Dr. Mark Hugo Lopez and the importance of the Latino Vote.


Mark Hugo Lopez is the director of global migration and demography research at Pew Research Center. He leads planning of the Center’s research agenda on international demographic trends, international migration, U.S. immigration trends and the U.S. Latino community. He is an expert on immigration globally and in the U.S., world demography, U.S. Hispanics and Asian Americans. Lopez was previously the Center’s director of Hispanic research, and prior to that served as the associate director. Lopez is the co-editor of “Adjusting to a World in Motion: Trends in Global Migration and Migration Policy.” He is a co-author of “The Future of the First Amendment” and has contributed chapters to several books about voting and young Latinos. Lopez received his doctorate in economics from Princeton University. He is an author of reports about the Hispanic electorate, Hispanic identity and immigration. Lopez frequently appears in national and international media in both Spanish and English.

Here is a link to the video on youtube