Catalytic Activity of Pd and PdAg MPCs

In our lab, we  have  synthesized  and  characterized ~3nm diameter  Pd  and PdAg MPCs  coated  with various  organic stabilizing ligands, including alkylamines (CnNH2, n = 8, 12, 16-18), hexanethiolates (C6S), and  mixed monolayers of C8NH2/C6S ligands.  These nanoparticles exhibit significantly different reactivities with  hydrogen  gas  and  different  stabilities  against H2-induced  aggregation  depending  on  the  ligand and metal composition of the MPCs, making them great candidates for H2 sensing and storage applications.  We have also explored the catalytic activity of the synthesized Pd and Pd alloy MPCs using α,β-unsaturated primary and secondary alcohols as substrates.  This work is interesting because provides a better fundamental understanding of the factors controlling the catalytic selectivity and efficiency of Pd-based MPCs.


TEM images of drop-cast films of C6S Pd MPCs and C8NH2 Pd MPCs before (A, B) and after exposure to 100% H2 for 60 minutes (C, D).