Current Students

Ph. D. students

Spring 2023



Harikrishnan Nambiathan Nambiar (Hari)


6th year graduate student


Education: 2016 Integrated BS-MS

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India


Current Research:

  • Electrochemical Deposition of Au on Au NPs
  • Electrophoretic deposition of Alginate Hydrogels using Au NPs
  • Effect of Metal NP Aggregate Structure on the Thermodynamics of Oxidative Dissolution

Dilmi Waidyaratne


4th year graduate student


Education: 2018 Graduateship in Chemistry (B. Sc. equivalent)
Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Current Research:
  • Electrophoretic deposition of 1.6 nm Au NCs (Nanoclusters)
  • Separation and isolation of atomically precise Au NCs

Rajiv Singh

4th year graduate student


  • 2012  MS University of North Dakota
  • 1994  B. Sc(H) Magadh University, India

Current Research: 
  • Designing an organic support for noble metal nanoparticle catalyst which is stable, recyclable and biodegradable

Miracle Ozioma Amechi

3rd year graduate student


Education: 2018 B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry 
Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu State, Nigeria

Current Research:
  • Nucleation and Growth studies on Au NPs

Sharadkumar Karangiya

  • 2nd year graduate student

Binu Thapa


1st year graduate student

Fahad Bin Halim  

  • 1st year graduate student