Emergency Preparedness


Emergency Preparedness

The University of Louisville strives to keep operations and business running smoothly. Natural and man-made emergencies can happen at any time and the University must be prepared to take action in the event of an emergency. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Police, and other supporting departments continually develop processes and procedures to respond to emergencies. Below are several links to important information regarding emergencies:


Instant text messaging and email service used to communicate emergency information to all employees and students. Students have the ability to add parent’s phone numbers and emails to receive the RAVE text messages.

Environmental Health and Safety

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety provides expertise in emergency planning and response. Emergency procedures, training, and documentation on various types of events are managed by their staff. Emergency response documentation and training opportunities are available on their web site.

UofL Police

The mission of the University Police is to maintain public peace and safety, to safeguard the assets of the institution and its faculty, staff, students and visitors and to assist in providing an environment conducive to teaching, research and public service mission of the University. Police services, crime reports and logs, programs and classes along with additional safety information are available on their website.

Fire Safety

The University of Louisville Fire Safety Office provides emergency response information. Additionally the web site provides information on inspections, guidelines, safety tips, and training regarding fire safety.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs' web site provides links to many web sites with information regarding campus life and safety, such as distressed student, counseling center and suicide prevention resources.

Campus Services

Campus Health Services provides occupational health services for all University of Louisville employees and students. The goal is to enable all students to experience a quality educational experience by providing confidential, affordable, effective and student-focused medical, mental and health education services. Information regarding emergencies along with other health information is available at the Campus Health Services web site.