Flight Planner


Flight Planner is an interactive tool that can be used to develop your own personalized flight plan that you can share with your academic advisor. You can plan all of the courses that you would like to take throughout your undergraduate career and when you would like to take them. Flight Planner is built on top of degree audit information so it will help you plan courses that are degree requirements that haven't been satisfied. A quick video on how to run your flight planner on ULink can be found here. If you have questions about your Flight Plan, please reach out to your academic advisor.

Flight Planner is best used as a planning tool to get to graduation. If you are looking to understand what requirements your current credit hours have satisfied, then you should reference your Degree Audit, which can also be found in ULink.

Rearrange your plan

Create your own customized flight plan.
Flight Planner will develop a default flight plan based on your outstanding requirements, and you can rearrange the courses as you would like. The planner considers pre-requisites and co-requisites when building your plan, and will give you an error if you move something out of sequence. Take courses when you would like and you can even add summer terms if you want to.

Select Courses

Select the courses to meet requirements.
Many degree requirements provide you the option to choose a list of courses to take to satisfy the requirement. Flight Planner will let you search the list of courses that can meet the requirement and select the course of interest. If a course is typically offered 'Spring Only' or 'Fall Only' then you will also find that information in the program.

Collaborate with your advisor

You can work together.
Academic advisors have the ability to access your Flight Planner report and can make adjustments accordingly. They can help ensure that your plan is balanced and properly weighted. Advisors can also 'lock' courses in place if you really need to take a course in a particular semester, and they can also leave you notes about your plan.

If I change my major, when will I be able to graduate?

A "what-if" report is a report that can be used to determine what your graduation plan would look like if you were to change your major. It is a static flight plan that shows where your credits would apply in the new major and and can be a useful tool when considering changing your major. It is recommended that you talk with an academic advisor before deciding on changing your major.