The Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research is very involved in outreach activities including involvement of the community in discussions and research.

Course Available at the University of Louisville

CHE 694: Photovoltaics and Photoelectrochemistry: Fundamentals of Solar Energy and Solar Fuels

This course develops the fundamentals and device design criteria for solar cells and solar fuels generation. The principles behind semiconductor functions and light absorption are explained, as well as doping, energy bands, and both solid-state and liquid junctions. The various photovoltaic technologies, along with their advantages and disadvantages, are explained. Photoelectrochemical concerns such as redox species, photocorrosion, and electrolyte effects are introduced. These fundamentals are used to examine the parameters necessary for an efficient solar fuels device, including catalysis, light absorption, photovoltage, and membranes and product separation.

Science Fair

The Conn Center hosts a week long summer workshop for high school students interested in doing research in renewable energy and energy efficiency. A number of these high school students do their research at the Conn Center and compete in the local, regional and international science fairs.Through the years students have consistently placed well in these competitions.

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