News updates from Spring, 2018

News updates from Spring, 2018
  • Cal-Berkeley Part 1: WY finish prelim rounds as 3rd seed, thanks to a 6-0 record, and wrap up the tournament in the top 8 teams. Out of 162 speakers, Williams is ranked 16th and Yeargin is 17th.
  • Cal-Berkeley Part 2:  Winning 4 of their 6 prelim rounds places WY as 13th seed; they end the tournament as one of the top 8 teams. Yeargin is recognized as 5th speaker, with Williams as 14th, out of 160 speakers.
  • UT-Austin: WY come out of prelims with a 6-2 record to enter elims as the 12th seed; they finish up as one of the top 32 teams. Yeargin is 20th out of 204 speakers, and Williams is 26th.
  • West Georgia University (District tournament): WY win the entire tournament as the #1 team. Yeargin picks up the top speaker award, and Williams is 4th.
  • CEDA Nationals: WY are 5th seed, with a 6-2 prelim record; their elim success places them in the top 16 teams. In a pool of 150 speakers, Williams is 4th and Yeargin is 14th.

Each year, debaters all over the country compete to earn an invitation to the prestigious National Debate Tournament (NDT); only the top 78 teams in the country make the cut. WY qualifies for the tournament, which is bittersweet for Chinnel, as it means a return to Kansas almost one year to the day since she learned of Van’s death. But the tournament is also a culmination of the squad’s hard work, and the fulfillment of their vow to Van.

  • At the NDT, WY end the prelim rounds with a 6-2 record and a 10th seed position. They end the tournament and season on a high note as one of the top 8 teams in the country. When ranked against 156 speakers, Yeargin is 19th and Williams is 28th.

*Yeargin and Williams are named to the All-American debate team; Williams is named an All-American Debate Scholar

*Williams is named Varsity Debater of the Year for the Cross Examination Debate Association Southeast Region

*In addition to her debate success, Williams is also Fulbright Scholarship semifinalist

*Tiffany Dillard-Knox is named the Scholar of the year for the Cross Examination Debate Association Southeast Region.