Spring 2022 Groups and Workshops

Groups will be held in-person OR online via MS Teams--see group details

*The most up-to-date group information is listed on this page.*

Group counseling can be a very effective way to address a wide range of issues. What better way to address what’s on your mind than to get input from people who can relate to you! Groups can help people feel connected, get lots of feedback and ideas, and find hope that things can be better. Groups typically include 5-8 participants and 1 or 2 therapists and meet for 60-90 minutes each week for the duration of a semester. Groups are confidential, and participants sign agreements stating they will uphold confidentiality. 

***Many people have beliefs about group counseling, perhaps from word of mouth, television shows, or just their own expectations. The document below includes a variety of myths that you may have heard about groups. Reading through this may help you feel at ease before attending your first group.

Myths About Groups (PDF)

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Art Therapy (starts 1/19/22)

Wednesdays 3-4:30pm, MS Teams

This group will offer participants a nonjudgmental space to incorporate art therapy into their personal growth and healing processes. We will use a variety of art materials to explore how our creativity can help us cope. Issues commonly addressed include anxiety, depression, grief, relationship concerns, self-esteem, family of origin, etc. No artistic experience required; free kit of materials available for pick-up by request.

 Facilitators: Gabrielle Ebeling-Rodriguez, LPCC, ATR (gabrielle.ebelingrodriguez@louisville.edu); Rachel F. Evans, ATR, LPCC (rachel.evans@louisville.edu)   

Coping with Stress--TWO GROUPS will be offered

Both groups will be held Wednesdays, 3-4 pm via MS Teams

This virtual group is designed to to help increase understanding of anxious feelings and learn ways to decrease stress/anxiety using cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques. Members will have the opportunity to engage in open discussion in a supportive environment.

Facilitator: Sara Burch, LCSW, LMFT (Thursdays--this group will be co-lead by by a graduate trainee) (

Facilitator: Susan Schroeder, LPP (Wednesdays) (susan.schroeder.1@louisville.edu)

How Much is Too Much (for You)?


Do you feel or have you ever been told that you indulge a little too much in a particular substance or activity? This group is designed to provide a supportive and judgement free environment for you to learn more about addictive behaviors. We will work to help you learn to explore your own behaviors and ways to identify how much is too much for you. Come share and learn healthy ways to cope with addictive behaviors. You can join this group at any time during the semester.

Facilitator: Moriah LeCorgan, LPCC (moriah.corey@louisville.edu)


Full and closed

This group is open to students who identify within the queer community and focuses on topics related to emotional well-being. This group allows members an opportunity to experience growth and change and develop skills to cope with problems in a safe and supportive environment. A group therapy setting provides a unique chance for students to not only receive feedback from a licensed professional but to also offer support and get support from peers dealing with similar issues.

Facilitator: Meghana Suchak, Ph.D. (meghana.suchak@louisville.edu)

New Year, New View (runs 2/17/22-3/10/22)

Thursdays, 3-4:15pm, SAC W305

This 4-week workshop is focused on using strength-based and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) techniques to help with creating goals, building resiliency, and cultivating direction for the new year.

Facilitator: Gabrielle Ebeling-Rodriguez, LPCC, ATR (gabrielle.ebelingrodriguez@louisville.edu)

You Good…Bruh? (Support group for African American Males)


Society has told many Black men that there is one way of being. This group is to shine light on the complexity and multifaceted dimensions of the Black man. This group is designed to give Black men a safe place to support each other as they navigate through the journey of higher education and life by exploring a variety of topics in a non-judgmental space.

 Facilitator: Odell Morgan, LMFT (odell.morgan@louisville.edu)

Graduate Student Support Group

Full and closed

Join us and meet graduate students from a variety of disciplines with whom you can share your struggles and successes in both graduate school and life. The goal of this group is to provide a comfortable space to receive and offer support as you navigate through your graduate school journey. We may also, at times, incorporate podcasts or short articles to facilitate conversation. This group is led by two licensed therapists and we will meet through Microsoft Teams. Meeting dates in Spring 2022: 1/27, 2/10, 2/24, 3/10, 3/24, 4/7.

Facilitators: Gabrielle Billings, LCSW (gabrielle.billings@louisville.eduand Michelle Pinckney Johnson, LPCC-S, LMFT (michelle.pinckney@louisville.edu)

Getting Through the Blues (starts 2/4/22)

Fridays, 2-3pm, MS Teams

Do you have feelings of sadness or hopelessness Difficulty concentrating? Lack of interest/motivation in activities you used to enjoy? College students are increasingly struggling with depression. You don’t have to go through it alone. Join this group to learn how to manage symptoms of depression, develop positive coping skills, and find support in a judgment-free environment.

Facilitator: Sarah Kolb, Ph.D. (skrams02@louisville.edu)

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