Responsibilities of the General Counsel

The General Counsel reports directly to the President and serves as a member of the President's leadership team and chief counsel for the University. The Office of University Counsel is responsible for all University legal matters.

The General Counsel serves the Office of the President as advisor on key strategic issues of the University and advises the Office of the President in coordination of legal activities of the University and affiliated entities of the University. The Office of University Counsel coordinates the legal representation of the University, including providing a full range of legal services to the University and assuring the University is in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations. The Office advises in the development of University policy and procedures as appropriate. Additionally, the Office advises the University's Records Custodian regarding all matters related to Open Records Requests.

Office of University Counsel

Phone: (502) 852-6981

206 Grawemeyer Hall

Louisville, KY 40292