Attorneys and Staff



 Angela Curry
General Counsel and Vice President for Legal Affairs 
(502) 852-5777



 Rebecca Stahl
Associate Vice President and Deputy Counsel for Administration and HSC Legal Affairs
Abell Administration Center
(502) 852-0129



 Brigid O'Reilly Gies
Associate Vice President and Deputy Counsel for Employee and Faculty Affairs
(502) 852-9123



 Shannon Pipes
Senior Associate University Counsel




Thomas A. Hoy
Associate University Counsel
(502) 852-9368



Hannah HaleHannah Satram-Hale
Staff Attorney
(502) 852-9520



Austin Gray
Assistant University Counsel
(502) 852-6212





Carcyle Barrett
(502) 852-6211



Christina Howard
Sr Legal Services Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the General Counsel
(502) 852-5256



Chris Newton
Administrative Services Manager
(502) 852-6981



Tina Hembree
HSC Contracts Administrator
Abell Administration Center
(502) 852-7881

Open Records Staff

Sherri Pawson
Senior Compliance Officer
(502) 852-5799

Jennifer Oberhausen
Administrative Specialist
(502) 852-5799

Office of University Counsel

Phone: (502) 852-6981

206 Grawemeyer Hall

Louisville, KY 40292