Karl Swinehart

Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
Karl Swinehart

A bald white man with a grey beard in a grey button-up shirt is smiling and seated before a book shelf.

Dr. Karl Swinehart is Assistant Professor of Social Semiotics in the Department of Comparative Humanities at the University of Louisville, where he also coordinates the University of Louisville's linguistics program. He has conducted research with Aymara and Quechua educators, musicians, and media professionals in Bolivia on how media institutions and popular culture can serve as arenas for interventions for the maintenance of Indigenous languages.

His recent publications include the following:

Roundtable: Beyond the Land Acknowledgment: Decolonial Actions for the Watson Conference and the University of Louisville

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 3:30-5:15 PM EST

Description: What does a decolonial approach to conference design look like? This roundtable seeks to help planners of academic conferences generally (and the Watson conference specifically) consider concrete ways to support Indigenous people, communities, and nations and dismantle white supremacist structures. Native scholars from several different institutions will share their experiences with conference planning and other projects; native and settler scholars from the University of Louisville (UofL), assembled for the first time, will begin the conversation about actions and initiatives that UofL might take and that the Watson Conference could advance. As they offer their perspectives, presenters will draw on their expertise in archaeology, geography, leadership and organizational development, linguistics, linguistic anthropology, literary studies, rhetoric, and sociology.