A unique hub for the translation of research into practice and partnership into synergy.

The Center for Family & Community Well-Being

Our Services

CFCWB conducts research and program evaluation through community partnerships and extramural funding (federal, state, local and foundation grants). This research includes a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods including randomized controlled trials, survey research, observational and archival research, as well as interviews, focus groups, and content analysis. Our program evaluation offerings are both formative and summative, with an emphasis on utilization focused evaluation for continuous quality improvement of programs and services. 

Training and Professional Development

CFCWB offers symposiums with national experts in key topics, as well as local and agency-based training opportunities in evidence based practices and professional development topics for the field in general community settings. These trainings are often offered with continuing education credits for professionals from various disciplines. 

CFCWB engages in product development activities such as training curricula, manualized practice models, web sites and other technology products, and dissemination products. The Center partners with other scholars and agencies to manualize practices that are currently offering, develop training programs in response to partner or community needs, and design technology products to meet needs.