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The Center for Family & Community Well-Being

Dr. Anita P. Barbee

CFCWB Board, Professor, Distinguished University Scholar
Belknap Campus, Oppenheimer 202
(502) 852-0416
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Healthy relationships are central to successful communities, organizations, groups, families and individual lives.

"We have been able to demonstrate the efficacy of several  interventions including 1) the Solution Based Casework child welfare practice model which leads to better practice with families and outcomes for children, 2) Kentucky’s  Title IV-E education program PCWCP, which improves practice and reduces staff turnover, 3) Within My Reach, a healthy relationship program for single adults which enhanced relationship skills and lowered intimate partner violence, 4) Reducing the Risk, a teen pregnancy prevention program for youth which delayed initiation of sex and enhanced use of birth control with high risk youth, and 5) Love Notes, a healthy relationship intervention which we found changed attitudes about dating violence, delayed initiation of sex, reduced the number of sexual partners, increased use of condoms and birth control, and reduced the number of teen pregnancies among high risk youth.“

 Ph.D. in Social Psychology

University of Georgia


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