Tuition Rates 2019-2020

The following information is not intended to be comprehensive and is subject to change. Tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by administrative, legislative, or University of Louisville Board of Trustees action, and changes become effective on the date enacted.

Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020

All registration fees and special charges are available in university catalogs and from the Registrar's Office and are subject to change without prior notice. This partial summary is intended to provide a ready reference for students.

Bundled Tuition and Fees

Regular (Non-online) Tuition

The rates listed below apply to regular (non-online) courses only. Tuition for regular (non-online) courses is capped when a student reaches full time status (see hours listed for each academic level), while online courses are charged separately and in addition to any regular (non-online) courses a student may be enrolled within a semester.

Indiana Tuition Reciprocity

The University of Louisville is participating in an Indiana Tuition Reciprocity Program for residents of Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Perry, Scott, and Washington Counties who have been admitted directly into an approved program. The Reciprocity would afford students that reside in these counties to be eligible for the Kentucky In State Residency Tuition Rate. Students pursuing degrees from the Professional Schools (Law, Medical & Dental) are not eligible. Eligible participants are required to notify the Admissions Office prior to their first enrollment and the Registrar's Office after their first enrollment of any changes in the enrollment status, if they no longer live in one of the eligible counties, or no longer in an eligible program.


Per Hour
Full-Time (12)
Per Semester


Per Hour
Full-Time (9)
Per Semester



Doctor's / Master's Candidacy: $1,446.00 per semester

Urban Planning & Public Administration

Per Hour
Full-Time (9)
Per Semester

Courses at Fort Knox
All Undergraduate Courses Per Credit Hour: $250

Active Duty Military
Per Credit Hour: $250

  • Began in the Spring 2012 and would include Reserve Component Service Members who are receiving Department of Defense Title X tuition assistance funds.
  • Rate is applicable to undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • This rate does not apply to fixed-cost programs, the professional schools orMaster's of Engineering Management; Online Master of Business Administration;Online Certificate of Accounting

Online Course Tuition

Tuition for online courses is the same for both in-state and out-of-state students. Students are charged in full for online courses according to the rates below even if taking a full-time course load. Online courses are charged separately and in addition to any regular (non-online) courses a student may be taking. Students receiving tuition scholarships should check the monetary value to determine whether the cost of online courses is covered. Most courses with sections 50, 51, 52, 53, and 54 are online courses.

Courses offered online and charged according to the fees below are designated in the Schedule of Courses. To see online courses only, select "Distance Education" in the location field.

Program (Online Courses)Rate per Credit Hour

Undergraduate Online Courses


Graduate Online Courses


Urban Planning & Public Administration Online Courses


RN-BSN Online Program Courses


Graduate Teacher Education Online Courses

*For information on programs that qualify for reduced rate please visit CEHD Website *


Franchise Management Certificate Courses


Law Online Course


*Active-Duty and Coast Guard Members: $250 per credit hour (Undergraduate and Graduate)

This rate does not apply to:

  • Law School courses: $1,098 per credit hour
  • Masters of Engineering in Engineering Management: $690 per credit hour
  • Certificate of Accounting: Program cost $12,900 for 7 courses
  • Masters of Business Administration: Program Cost $32,000 (Billed in 1/3 increments)

*Active-Duty is defined as on orders for 180 days or more.





IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students are assessed the online per credit hour tuition in addition to any on campus courses.  The credit hour rates will be reflected on a student's financial account noting these as a separate assessment.  The Online assessment may be added even when a student is enrolled as a full time on campus enrolled student.
Additional information about online courses and programs.

Professional School Programs

Ed.D. Practitioner
Program Cost: $16,200 - Billed in 1/9 increments ($1,800 per increment period)

IMBA Entreprenurial Thinking
Program Cost: $32,000 - Billed in 1/5 increments

Online MBA 
Program Cost: $32,000 - Billed in 1/5 increments

Professional MBA
Program Cost: $32,000 - Billed in 1/5 increments

Full-Time MBA
Program Cost: $32,000 - Billed in 1/3 increments

Joint Full-time MBA
Program Cost: $26,600 - Billed in 1/3 increments

Masters in Accountancy Program
Program Cost: $25,000 - Billed in 1/3 increments

Certificate Program in Accountancy
Program Cost: $12,900 for 7 courses

MS in Human Resources and Organizational Development
Program Cost: $16,500 - Billed by semester at $500 per credit hour
Program cost is applicable to Fort Knox U.S. military and civilian community only

MS in Business Analytics
Program Cost: $30,000 - Billed in 1/3 increments

UofL and UK Executive MBA Program 
Program Cost: $67,500

Professional Schools

Brandeis School of Law

Per Hour
Full-Time (10)
Per Semester

School of Medicine

Per YearPer Semester




Per YearPer Semester