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The A&S Research Office

Internal Funding for Students

Internal Funding for Undergraduate Students

Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Grant (MURC)

The MURC program is funded to promote meaningful undergraduate research and/or creative activity experiences for first- or second-year students and provide graduate students, staff, and faculty with opportunities to mentor undergraduates. A&S will fund teams of a mentor and undergraduate student mentee that meet the requirements described below. The number of awards each cycle will depend on the funding available. Visit the MURC page for deadlines and application requirements. 

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

The SROP provides University of Louisville students who would like to know more about graduate-level education with a 10-week research experience in a department that offers graduate degrees. These fellowships will also be available to under-served/under-represented student populations from regional colleges and universities. Mentors will provide students with individualized research projects, and the program will provide group seminars on topics related to research and graduate education. Students should be, preferably, in their sophomore or junior year of study.

Several other Undergraduate Summer Research opportunities are available. Visit the Office of the Provost webpage for more information.

Internal Funding for Graduate Students

A&S McSweeny Fellowships

A&S McSweeny Fellowships supplement graduate education support and promote racial and ethnic diversity of the student population in the STEM areas. Programs may nominate students from historically underrepresented ethnic/racial groups, including US citizens and permanent residents who are African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and Pacific Islanders. The maximum award is a full stipend, tuition and health insurance premium. Doctoral students may receive funding up to 2 years pending a positive review after the first year. An official review of the student’s progress in the program by the Department Chair is required. Additional support is possible with the A&S Dean’s approval. The criteria includes a strong evidence of scholarly ability reflected by a GPA of 3.0 or higher, letters of support of the nomination (Chair and nominating committee), and admission to the department graduate program. GREs are recommended but not required. Students must be engaged in full time academic program studies and maintain good academic standing. Students may be required to work up to twenty hours per week in research or service work closely related to their scholarly activity. Students are encouraged to participate in UofL diversity activities. The deadline is mid-February each year. Department Chairs should forward application information to the A&S Research Office

Graduate Network in Arts & Sciences (GNAS), a representative body of graduate students from the various disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences, is offering funding opportunities for A&S graduate students. The GNAS is offering grants (maximum $250) to help A&S graduate students offset the costs of conducting research, attending conferences, and purchasing materials needed for research.