Signing Up

  1. Go to and click the "Join Now" button.
  2. Enter your ULink user ID and password:
  3. To create your account, please enter the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Mobile Number (necessary to receive text alerts on your mobile phone)
    • Re-enter Mobile Number
    • Preferred Email Address (email address where we can contact you)
    • Select checkbox ‘I agree to Rave’s Terms of Use’, once you have viewed the Terms of Use.
    • Select Next. Select Back if you wish to return to the Verify Your School page. Select Cancel if you would like to return to the Welcome page.
  4. When you select Next on the Create Account page you will be presented with the Confirm Mobile Number page. Note: In order to receive text message alerts on your mobile phone, it is important that we capture your mobile phone number.
  5. Once you enter your mobile phone number on the Create Account page, we will send you a 4-digit confirmation code used to verify your wireless number and carrier. Enter 4-digit code. If you did not receive your 4-digit code select the link: request a new one. If the carrier listed is incorrect, select the link that reads: click here to modify. Select Finish. You also have the option to enter your code at a later time by selecting Skip, I’ll enter code later.
  6. If you elect not to register your mobile number at this time you will receive a message on your home page letting you know that Text Alerts are Inactive.

Other Problems

If you have any problems signing up, or if you have username or password issues, please contact the University HelpDesk at 852-7997.