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Consortium Partners

Currently Active Consortium Members (July '07 to Present)

Advantage Plastics & Engineering                                     Innovative Fixation Systems, LLC                                      Remington Arms
The Boeing Company                                                              INTEC                                                                                              Royal Plastics Mfg.
Brinly-Hardy Company                                                          IRST (Immediate Response Spill Tech.)                          Simpson Strong-Tie
Capri Omega - Thomas Lighting                                         ISE (Insinkerator) - Emerson                                                 SUD-CHEMIE INC
Chin, David Bunthean                                                             Kentucky Trailers                                                                       Sunbeam Products Inc.
Chromatography Research Supplies                                Kirk, Rik, MD (Ortho Ventures)                                                         Jarden Product Solutions
CMI - MPH/MPD                                                                     Lastique International                                                               Sur-Seal
Climate Technologies - Emerson                                       Laufer, Brad (PEC)                                                                     Techshot, Inc.
Delta T - Big Ass Fans                                                              Life Gear LLC                                                                                Therafin
Emerson Company                                                                   Lifetime Industries, Inc.                                                          Tillet, Dr. Edward
Fancher, Ed/Inventio                                                             Linak                                                                                                                (Louisville Orthopaedic Res & Ed Fdn)
Frank Design                                                                               MPH/MPD                                                                                     Todd, Everett
Ganassi Racing                                                                           Marcum Development                                                              Tooling Ventures
*GE Company/GE Corp, R&D                                             Miller, Terry                                                                                 Toyota Motor Engineering & Mfg NA
Genesis                                                                                           Nypro                                                                                               TYCO- U S Surgical
G I Device- Dr. Tad Dryden                                                  Paramount Industries                                                               Wayne Water Systems (Campbell Hausfield)
Grindmaster Crathco Systems, Inc.                                 Pioneer Plastics                                                                            Whip Mix Corporation
Hall, Chris                                                                                    Plastics Technology Group, LLC                                          Zoeller Pump Company
Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc.                                                   Polymer Product Design Consultant                                 
Hitachi Automotive Products (USA)                               Radio Sound

*Charter Member


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