Part-Time Lecturers

Part-Time Lecturers

Suzanne Hopf, JD

Prof. Hopf is an attorney for the Department of Public Advocacy and specializes in criminal defense and juvenile law. She has been the attorney of record for several significant juvenile law opinions in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and has taught Introduction to Sociology, Diversity & Inequality, Human Sexuality, Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, and the Sociology of Law.  Suzanne received her MA in sociology from Colorado State University in 1993.  Since then, she has taught as an adjunct faculty at a variety of universities, in addition to being a practicing lawyer. |  (502) 852-8043  |  106 Lutz Hall

Michal Kofman, PhD

Dr. Kofman holds both a BA and an MA in Sociology from the University of Haifa in Israel, and has recently received her PhD in sociology from the University of Calgary in Canada. Her research focuses on the relationship between law, society and identity in contemporary Cuba. Currently, she is working on several publications that examine the changes taking place in Cuba over the last three decades, whether in the field of state-citizen relations, the construction of parenthood or the reconstruction of state socialism as a moral project. Additional work addresses the parallels between legal practices in socialist states and capitalist ones, suggesting that differences between both models of law is more nuanced than is currently conceived. Dr. Kofman has taught a variety of courses in sociology, such as Introduction to Sociology, Social Diversity, Social Stratification and Social Problems. |  (502) 852-8043  |  106 Lutz Hall

Angela Orend, MA

Prof. Orend graduated from the Department of Sociology at the University of Louisville with her MA in 2004.  Her research focuses on issues of commodificaton with respect to the body and popular culture.  Specifically, her research explores the sociological factors underlying the increasing popularity of corporate logo tattoos as a form of postmodern consumption.  She has recently published this research with the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.  Additionally, she has worked with Dr. Mark Austin and Dr. Patricia Gagne' examining the commodification of the biker in American culture. |  (502) 852-8043  |  106 Lutz Hall

Nancy Steinmetz, MA

Prof. Steinmetz holds both a BS and an MA in Sociology from the University of Louisville.  Her areas of interest include Crime and Criminology, specifically fear of criminal victimization, gender, and education.  She also serves as an adjunct professor in sociology at other universities in the Louisville area, teaching Social Problems, Introduction to Sociology, Social Movements/Social Change, Sociology of Development and Globalization, and Contemporary Theory. |  (502) 852-8043  |  106 Lutz Hall

Jonetta Weber, PhD

Dr. Weber is the Director of Academic Services in the Department of Sociology and an adjunct faculty member in both Sociology and in Sport Administration.  She completed her BA in humanities (classics), MA in linguistics, MEd in sport administration, and PhD in education administration (sport administration) at the University of Louisville. Her areas of interest include sport (history of sport, sport and academics), animals and society, and food and society.  She has taught courses in sociology (Sociology of Sport, Social Context of Aging, Sociology of Death and Dying, and Animals & Society) and in sport administration (Sociology of Sport, Athletics in Higher Education, and Women and Sport).  She and Dr. Bob Carini recently published an article examining the lack of women represented on the covers of Sports Illustrated magazines, as well as another article examining the lack of females featured in popular fishing magazines, and she co-authored, with some other faculty, an article on self-efficacy of athletes with one of her former graduate students.  She and Dr. Carini are currently working on papers related to "black dog syndrome," as well as another on the development of college sports fandom in the age of online education. |  (502) 852-8028  |  124 Lutz Hall

Heidi Williams, ABD

Heidi is a fourth-year doctoral student and earned both her bachelor and master of arts degrees in sociology from Marshall University. After completing her graduate work at Marshall, she served as the Program Coordinator for the National Science Foundation-supported Marshall University (MU) ADVANCE Program. The goal of MU-ADVANCE was to increase gender equity within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics disciplines through recruitment, faculty development, and policy initiatives. The successful implementation of two family-friendly policies stimulated her interest in applied sociology. Her research interests include family and gender, with a particular interest in examining the role extended family members play in father involvement among disadvantaged families. She spends her free time both helping her partner search for antique books and painting doors. | (502) 852-8045  | 115 Lutz Hall