International Travel

Out of Country Travel Procedures

Do not purchase airfare or make lodging arrangements until you have received authorization from the International Center. Authorization may be obtained by submitting the following forms:

  1. Request for Authorization of Out-of-Country Travel” form (PDF).
    • Be sure to answer “How will your University responsibilities be covered during your absence?” include name of person covering.
    • List all funding sources and obtain approval of accounts.
    • Obtain signatures – yours and department head or supervisor, and dean
  2. “Employee Release and Assumption of Risk” form (PDF) or Student Release Form (PDF) and obtain appropriate signatures. Read the bulletin "Tips for Travelers and Students Studying Abroad."
  3. “Overseas Emergency Information Sheet (PDF)."
    Be sure to include a copy of your passport.
  4. "University of Louisville Travel Certification (PDF)."  Questions concerning this should be directed to William A. Metcalf JD, Director of Export and Secure Research Compliance .

Once these forms are complete and have approval signatures from department chair and Dean, forward to Virginia Hosono, 101 Brodschi Hall, at least 20 days prior to scheduled departure.

Once you have received approval, you may proceed with the purchasing of air tickets and lodging.  After these have been purchased, please forward the information to Virginia Hosono, 101 Brodschi Hall or scan and send to .  Once all travel itinerary is complete provost approval will be sent.


As you prepare your travels, check to determine if the country you are visiting is on the Travel Warning List of the U.S. State Department or on the Travel Alert List.

If it is on either list, then please read the University Policy for travel to Travel Warning Countries for procedures to follow. For questions, please e-mail Virginia Hosono or call 852-0374. Requests to travel to travel warning countries or countries on the CDC Travel precaution list require an additional 15 working days to process.

Overseas travel insurance is recommended, and is available for purchase from various sources. University Travel Guidelines stipulate that fees for travel insurance are not reimbursable. They include, for example:

  • International SOS Assistance, Inc.
    P.O. Box 11568
    Philadelphia, PA 19116
    Phone: 1-215-244-1500 or 1-800-523-8662
    Fax: 1-215-244-0165
  • Diplomat International
    Global Underwriters Agency, Inc.
    3195 Linwood Road, Suite 201
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
  • International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC)

Out of Country travel may not be reimbursed unless these procedures are followed as stipulated in the "Travel & Reimbursement Policy" approved by the Board of Trustees and effective 6/01/99.