PeaceDay 2012

International Day of Peace and Peace Studies Symposium

September 20-22, 2012


Video recordings of these talks may be accessed at Peace Day 2012 Video and on the College of Arts and Sciences YouTube Channel

  • Dr. Vincent Harding: "The Last Years of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Future of America"
  • Russell Vandenbroucke: "Peace Studies: A Window to Our World"
  • Susan Duncan, Interim Dean, Brandeis School of Law on Restorative Justice and Adolescence
  • C. Anneta Arno, “Injury and Violence through a Public Health Prevention Lens”
  • John Mueller, The Ohio State University, "the Demise of War?"
  • "Hands Across the Divide in Northern Ireland" (art from Ulster Project International: An Adolescent Cross-Community Project).
  • "Return to the Land of Dragons: Photographic Impressions of Vietnam," U.S. Army veteran Michael Moryc on his return to Vietnam 40 years after serving there." Opening of photo exhibit.


Peace Day 2012 poster