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MEIS Program Faculty/Student News

News updates about the MEIS program and its faculty members and undergraduate students, including scholarships, study abroad programs, registration information, graduate programs, and news relevant to Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.

Fall 2012 begins soon!

*Upcoming events:

The World Scholars Program provides select undergraduate students with up to $5000 of funding to support a significant study experience in a country or region of the world whose principal language is not English.  Applicants must be actively committed to achieving fluency in the language of that country or region.  They must also be declared majors or minors in any of the non-language disciplines offered at the University of Louisville and endeavor, to the degree possible, to study the material of that discipline while abroad (whether through full-immersion coursework, service learning, internship placement, directed study, etc.).  Students studying any of the modern languages offered at the University of Louisville (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish) are encouraged to apply.


Full details and application at




Interested? Get started now!

  1. Review application requirements at to be sure you’re eligible.
  2. Make an appointment with Virginia Hosono, associate director of International Affairs (, to explore study abroad options that meet the requirements of the program.
  3. Line up your letters of recommendation and language evaluation. (Forms included in the application packet.)

Questions? Contact application committee chair Dr. Greg Hutcheson at

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New Offices!!!

The Middle East and Islamic Studies program is happy to announce its new offices in Stevenson Hall! The two offices opened last fall and they are full of information about the Middle East and Islamic Studies program at UofL. The offices are located on the third floor of Stevenson Hall in rooms 310 and 311. They are excellent for studying or just relaxing during a busy school day. If you have any question about the program they will be an excellent place to visit and talk to other students from the program!

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