Listening Services

We have several online listening services and online audio reserves.

The Music Library Listening Services enable patrons to access and utilize the library's collection of sound recordings. Patrons can make use of these materials in the library's listening area. To find sound recordings and other materials, please search the library catalog. The Listening Lab can make duplications of School of Music recitals for students and faculty upon request. Please contact Donald Dean (phone: 502-852-5659, email: email) with any questions regarding listening services in the Music Library.

Listening Area

Five (5) carrels equipped with a variety of audio/video playback components are located on the first floor of the library. This equipment available for use includes CD players, cassette tape decks, turntables, reel-to-reel tape decks, and TV/VCR/DVD setups. Upon request, library staff can playback CD and DAT recordings of School of Music recitals on equipment in the Control Room and patrons can listen to this playback at carrels in the listening area. The library is also equipped with a high-speed cassette duplicator located in the photocopy room on the third floor. Patrons may check out headphones at the circulation desk on the first floor.

Listening Lab

The Listening Lab will provide one copy of School of Music recitals to U of L students and faculty for instructional use. Students and faculty who are ensemble directors or performing in recitals may fill out a Recital Duplication Request Form pdf, available at the circulation desk.

Please be advised that the standard processing time for requests is 5 days, however, larger or special requests will take longer. Fees for this service are as follows:

Source FormatCopy FormatMaterials FeeLabor Fee (UofL faculty)Labor Fee (all other patrons)
DAT, Cassette, Reel tapeCassette$1.00 eachno charge$3.00 each
DAT, Cassette, Reel tapeCD$4.00 eachno charge$3.00 each