Course Reserves

Course Reserve Policy

Before requesting materials for reserve, please read the Fair Use Law and Fair Use Explanation published by the United States Copyright Office. These are located on the web at For your convenience, a checklist has also been appended that will help you determine whether or not your selection is likely allowable under copyright law (copyright checklist pdf). The art library reserves the right to refuse any course reserve request if it conflicts with the staff’s interpretation of copyright law.

If you have any questions about course reserves, contact Kathy Moore at (502) 852-6741.

Types of Course Reserves

Reserve materials normally cannot be circulated. Contact Kathy Moore at (502) 852-6741 for exceptions.

Print: We allow up to 20 items at any one time per instructor per course. No course paks, bound journals, reference books, rare books or interlibrary loans may be placed on reserve.

Videos and DVDs: Videos and DVDs may be placed on reserve.

Personal Copies: Personal copies of books may be placed on reserve. Personal copies of videos and DVD may also be placed on reserve as long as they are legally obtained, i.e. that they include original distributor labels. The Art Library is not responsible for damage to personal copies.

Submit Course Reserves

Submit a course reserve request form at the beginning of every semester. Submit the form at least three days before the items are need.