Louisville Underground Music Archive

Louisville Underground Music Archive

Louisville Underground Music Archive (LUMA) Project will document the history and culture of the Louisville rock music scene from the 1970s to the present. Archives and Special Collections’ goal is to address the gap in the historical record related to independent/underground rock music culture in Louisville. Generally speaking, records of popular culture of this type are underrepresented in archives, putting this history at risk for loss. In addition, Louisville’s music scene was influential beyond the Ohio Valley, making it an area of interest beyond our immediate community.

Ultimately, the goal of this collecting is to make it freely available to the community and researchers in general, and to preserve it for future generations.

We are interested in a wide variety of materials: oral histories, recordings, set lists, photographs, zines, posters, flyers, t-shirts, ephemera, correspondence, business records, and early web history related to the rock/indie/punk/hardcore music scene. These materials will be preserved and prepared for use by the community and other researchers. In addition, we will use collection materials to curate exhibits and programs designed to engage the community with Louisville music history.

How LUMA Got Its Start

LUMA digital collection

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Now Seeking Donations!

Do you have photographs, music, business records, albums, flyers, posters, ephemera, set-lists, letters, etc.?

Contact us: luma @ louisville.edu.

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