Copies: Prices and Permissions

Archives and Special Collections offers high resolution digital reproductions and paper prints of materials for which we hold reproduction rights or are in the public domain. Reproduction fees recover costs associated with that service.

Commercial, not for profit, and academic press uses requiring documentation of permission also incur preservation fees. Effective January 1, 2016, this policy includes academic uses at other institutions, such as theses and dissertations. These fees support purchase of archival storage materials and other activities necessary to preserve the materials held by Archives and Special Collections.

Effective January 1, 2016, researchers currently affiliated with the University of Louisville as students, faculty or staff pay reproduction costs, but are not subject to preservation fees for academic or not for profit uses. Otherwise University of Louisville affiliated users pay standard rates for all commercial uses of Archives and Special Collections images.

Orders of photographs, digital reproductions and audio duplications require a signed Copy Service Agreement and, if applicable, a Permission to Publish form as well as payment in advance. Contact us to begin the order process. Services & Fees pdf

Photographic and Digital Reproductions

ASC can provide photographic and digital reproductions of most our materials. As with photocopying, collection or copyright restrictions or fragility may prohibit the scanning of some materials. Scanning must be performed by staff.

The use of personal digital cameras (cell phone, point & shoot, and tablet cameras), without flash, may be permitted to create research copies for personal research and reference use only. A template identifying the materials as the property of the University of Louisville Archives and Special Collections must accompany the image, and a signed form is required. See Personal Digital Camera Policy pdf for additional information.

Audio Duplication

Tapes and CDs of interviews from the Oral History Center's collection may be obtained, unless prohibited by the donor agreement, for a fee of $10 per tape. Many interviews consist of several tapes so the total cost varies.


Some materials may be photocopied using the self-service photocopy machine in the ASC research room for fifteen cents a page. Fragile materials, photographic prints, and some other materials may be copied by staff for a fee of twenty-five cents a page. Materials copied by staff in response to remote research requests also cost twenty-five cents a page. In some cases, collection or copyright restrictions or extreme fragility may prevent some materials from being copied. In such cases, the materials must be used in the ASC research room.

Microfilm Copies

Microfilms which were created by UARC from materials held in the University of Louisville Libraries and other repositories are available for sale from Archives and Special Collections. Microfilm List.