Each year, The LGBT Center selects student leaders to serve as Ambassadors, a program created to reinforce its mission to "strengthen and sustain an inclusive campus community at the University of Louisville, one that welcomes people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions through support, educational resources and advocacy."

This group of students spends the academic year learning and developing leadership skills. They assist the center by reaching out to students on campus and creating a safe space for those who need it most, and they are often the first point of contact for new students and visitors. Working as a member of a strong team, ambassadors develop and design outreach projects, advise the LGBT Center on important issues and concerns, and connect students to other programs and efforts on campus related to social justice and equity.

Senior Ambassador, Tania Avalos, had this to say about the program: “I would encourage anyone that is interested in becoming a better leader to apply for the ambassador program. I say a better leader because maybe you are already a leader but being a good leader requires more than just leadership. It requires understanding, courage and compassion. That is what the ambassador program has done for me. It gave me the tools to become a better, more empathetic and compassionate leader.”

Sophomore, Chris Jackson, added, "The Ambassador Program has given me more than leadership and conflict resolution training, it has given me a since of purpose I have never felt before and a family to support me. If you are thinking of applying to become an Ambassador I urge you to do so, the program has done so much for my life."

Interested in joining the LGBT Center Ambassador team? Click here to apply. To learn more about the program contact us at or 852-0696 for more information.

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