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Faculty Senate Meeting

May 6, 2015


The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was held on May 6, 2015 at 3:00 P.M. in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, Belknap Campus, Pamela Feldhoff presiding.


Senators Registering Attendance:

A&S: David Brown, Jennie Burnet, Carrie Donald, Jasmine Farrier, Karen Hadley, Ron Sahoo, Joseph Steffen, Beth Willey, Elaine Wise BUSINESS: Rob Barker, Ben Foster, Bruce Kemelgor, Robert Myers DENTISTRY: Donald Demuth, Robert Staat EDUCATION: Monica Delano, Patrick Hardesty KENT: Martin Hall LAW: Kurt Metzmeier, Enid Trucios-Haynes LIBRARIES: Terri Holtze, Margo Smith  MEDICINE: Yousef Abu-Kwaik, Forest Arnold, Pamela Feldhoff, Sham Kakar, Kenneth Palmer, Chin Ng, David Stirling,  Michael Tseng MUSIC: Krista Wallace-Boaz NURSING: Heather Owens, Karen Singleton PART-TIME FACULTY: Joseph Gutmann, Susan Peacock, John Ritz PUBLIC HEALTH: Ray Austin SPEED SCHOOL: Kyung Kang, J.P. Mohsen


Also Attending:

Ex Officio:            James Ramsey, Shirley Willihnganz, Ginger Brown, Allie Funk, Alex Stewart

Others:                 Tracy Eells, Mark Hebert, Bob Stenger (ULARP)

Press:                    Janet Cappiello (UofL Today)

Recording Secretary: Gretchen Henry  


Senators Not Registering Attendance:

A&S: Greg Hutcheson, David Simpson DENTISTRY: Ricardo Caicedo, Dave Willis EDUCATION: Caroline Sheffield, Tom Simmons KENT: Seana Golder, Wanda Lott Collins LAW: Luke Milligan LIBRAIRES: Carrie Daniels MEDICINE: Eric Burton, Luz Fernandez, Arun Gadre, Guomin Jiang, Saeed Jortani, Brad Keller, Jeffery King, Rainer Lenhardt MUSIC: Randi Bolding, Dror Biran NURSING: Valerie McCarthy PART-TIME FACULTY: Donna Gaus, Rose Mills, Michael Wade PUBLIC HEALTH: Scott LaJoie SPEED SCHOOL: Roger Bradshaw, Kevin Walsh

CALL TO ORDER:  Feldhoff

MEETING ONE: Election Meeting



Senator Sahoo, CCC Chair, and CCC committee members passed out the ballot packets.  Senator Sahoo then went through each vacancy and took nominations from the floor. Votes were cast on each vacancy and the ballot packets were recollected and the committee took them out for tabulation.


The election meeting was adjourned.


Results are posted at the end of these minutes.


MEETING TWO: Regular Meeting


Call to Order: Feldhoff



ACTION ITEM: Meeting Minutes - The meeting minutes from April 1, 2015 were approved unanimously as distributed.


REPORT: Staff Senate – Ginger Brown

The Staff Senate met on April 13, 2015. It was the last meeting with Provost Willihnganz. CFO Harlan Sands reported on the renovations taking place across campus. He is looking for another credit union to replace Kentucky Telco. He introduced Jeanell Hughes to the Staff Senate, who shared her long term vision and plan for starting an online and searchable policy library. The Executive Committee met with Ms. Hughes to discuss the salary increase distribution recommendation that the Staff Senate presented to the administration last July. The next meeting is May 11, when officer nominations will be taken.




REPORT: Student Government Association – Funk/Stewart

Outgoing AVP, Allie Funk, introduced Alex Stewart. He will be the SGA representative for the next academic year.

ACTION ITEM: APC – Doctor in Nursing Practice – Demuth

This is a first reading for the School of Nursing’s Doctor in Nursing Practice degree. It is mandated by the accrediting agency. The proposal transfers the existing Master of Science degree to the PhD.  All documents are online. This comes from the APC and P&B Committees, so discussion is allowed. A brief discussion took place. The program anticipates 130 students per year and the MSN degree program will close and those funds will be reassigned to the DPN degree program. The proposal passed unanimously.

ACTION ITEM: RB – School of Nursing Bylaws & Personnel Documents, first reading;  SPHIS policy revisions, first reading – Wallace-Boaz

The School of Nursing’s revised bylaws and personnel documents and the School of Public Health’s policy revisions were online and come before the Faculty Senate for a first reading.

INFORMATION ITEM: UofL Industry Engagement and Innovation – Dr. Eugene Krentsel

Dr. Eugene Krentsel, Associate Vice President for Research & Innovation, presented to the Faculty Senate on the recent commercialization efforts at UofL. His presentation is online.

The starting point of all the research and innovation begins with the faculty and is built on key principles of creative and positive disruption; meaningful impact; service excellence; revamped and modernized policies and procedures; a chosen definition of success and metrics to promote it; proof-of-concept funding for cutting-edge research; promoting success; and, engaging deans and department chairs. Dr. Krentsel reported on the many accolades and accomplishments that UofL has achieved with the Coulter Translational Partnerships, NIH and NSF.


REPORT: University President - Dr. James Ramsey

President Ramsey reported on the current budget situation. A budget forum was held 2 weeks ago and he has met will all the constituency groups. The budget includes a 3% across the board tuition increase, as well as a 3% pool for a salary increase. The budget is now ready to present to the Board of Trustees on June 4th. With no state budget increase since 2006, which was then cut, we have tried various cost-saving programs that are now working for us (i.e., Get Healthy Now and the utilities-savings program). We are trying to manage costs and, in doing so, will have to make tough decisions. Harlan Sands has come here to help us to be more cost efficient. He understands shared governance and will communicate the difficult changes to come before they are made. Then, Dr. Ramsey addressed the subject of the University of Louisville Foundation (ULF). He said the ULF is not the bad guy. Its only reason to exist is to assist the University’s academic mission. It is not a secret society. President Ramsey then showed a slide of the Foundation Board members.  ULF provides UofL with more funds than the state government. It invests money on behalf of the University. A second slide showed where ULF funds are disbursed. He said the Foundation is not a villain; it’s the University’s best friend. The operations of University Advancement are paid by the Foundation – money spent to raise money for the University. Then, the President explained his compensation package. In 2007, he was offered a deferred compensation package if he stays until 2012. He must remain at UofL to receive it. The Board of Trustees gave him the authority to set up similar compensation packages for his key people. He chose Dr. Shirley Willihnganz and his Executive Assistant, Kathleen Smith.  In 2011, the Board of Trustees made an offer again, so that he will stay until 2020. He has never received $3.1M in one year. A recent television program included information that was distorted, unfair and incorrect. He complained to the General Manager and will sit down for an interview to explain how it works. In 1970, when we became a state school, the Foundation was created to keep state politics out of UofL. He then opened the floor to questions. Hearing none, he turned to say a few words to outgoing Provost Willihnganz. He offered high praise to her, stating it has been an honor and privilege to serve the University with her and, we, as an institution, owe her a lot.


REPORT: University Provost - Dr. Shirley Willihnganz

Dr. Willihnganz said she just wants to say good-bye and that she is proud of the faculty. The changes to the campus over the past 13 years, now let us know we are somewhere special. We have done all of this together. She is honored to have been part of it all. She then introduced Interim Provost Neville Pinto.


REPORT: VP for Finance and Administration/COO – Harlan Sands

Mr. Sands reported that he has been on a listening tour and is close to creating the new institutional structure, which will include:  the 5 vice presidents that used to report to Dr. Willihnganz will now report to him; each unit will have a Lead Fiscal Officer that will report directly to him; an improved balance sheet using expert management for new enrollment, endowments and internal funds generation; leveraging investment assets; and, reengineering processes. The renovation of the SAC is ready to move forward, as the funding has become available. Classroom renovations will start over the summer and the $1.5M cost will be shared between the Administration and the A&S dean. Regarding the re-engineering of processes, he is looking for ideas for a plan with a beginning and an end. He wants to create a technology roadmap. The hiring process needs to be simplified to be more nimble, when time is of the essence. And the performance evaluation process has to be reworked. This year, it became obvious that to be eligible for a salary increase, employees must have an evaluation. At this point, there is 85% compliance, and he feels certain that 100% will be achieved. Asked about the part-time faculty’s inclusion in the evaluation process, Dr. Tracy Eells stated that that is done within the units and that part-time faculty should be reviewed annually. Mr. Sand said it is a myth that there is not enough space on campus, but that it may be an issue of not enough space at the time desired.  The new Belknap instructional building will cost $80M. Choosing the architect is the first step, then planning the space. A needs assessment will be done and the goal is to have it completed in 18 months.



REPORT: Standing Committee Reports

Academic Programs Committee (APC) – Demuth – As above.

Committee on Committees and Credentials (CCC) – Sahoo - The election results are listed at the end of this report below.

Part-time Faculty Committee (PTFC) – Peacock - This report was online.

Planning & Budget Committee (P&B) – Brown -This report is online.

Redbook & Bylaws Committee (RB) – Wallace-Boaz – As above.

Executive Committee (XC) – Trucios-Haynes -This report was available online.



  • Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) – Elaine Wise – This report was available online.

REPORT: Faculty Senate Chair – Feldhoff

  • Chair Feldhoff asked for a Faculty Senate representative to serve on the HSC Shared Services Advisory Committee. She put out a call to all HSC faculty senators and Chin Ng and Ray Austin were selected to serve.
  • The Chair has formed an ad hoc committee of the Executive Committee to study presidential compensation.  Ad hoc committee members are Joe Steffen (chair), Ray Austin, Roger Bradshaw, Krista Wallace-Boaz and Enid Trucios-Haynes. They will give reports monthly to the Executive Committee and a full report to the Faculty Senate in September.
  • The Chair is planning on:
    • updating the Faculty Handbook, as it is 2 years old.
    • Outreach to other ACC schools and their faculty senate structures.

New Business


Old Business



Meet on HSC in June - Dental School Room 124.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 P.M.





Respectfully submitted,

Gretchen Stein Henry

Faculty Senate Secretary





FACULTY SENATE CHAIR – One vacancy – One year term

Must be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit


_____    Pamela Feldhoff (Medicine)*

I would be pleased to serve another term as the Chair of the Faculty Senate.  As Chair, I have represented the Faculty Senate on many committees including:  the University Budget Advisory Committee, the Strategic Technology Executive Committee, the HR Advisory Committee, the Steering Committee for the 21st Century University effort, the SACS reaffirmation Steering Committee and the Governance subcommittee and the Sustainability Council.  I have worked toward Academic Technology Committee reorganization and revitalization.  On budget matters, I have been an advocate for faculty welfare issues from those of part-time faculty to retiring/retired faculty and for transparency of the budget beyond state and tuition revenues.  For the coming year, while the aforementioned projects will continue, I will work on expanding academic opportunities in conjunction with our colleagues and Faculty Senates at the ACC schools; and I will continue to focus my efforts on being a strong faculty advocate in all academic and research matters.

_____Ron Sahoo (A&S)



Must be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit


_____    Robert Barker (CoB)



_____    Enid Trucios-Haynes (Law)*

I have served as Vice Chair during this academic year and I am committed to this University and its future.  The faculty and the Faculty Senate occupy an important role in the governance structure at the University.  As Vice Chair, I have worked to ensure a high-involvement culture of deliberation and responsiveness to all issues that have come before the Faculty Senate.  As Chair of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, working with Pam Feldhoff, Chair of FS, I have worked to ensure transparency in all of our work.  I have served on the Faculty Senate since 2000 and I have served on the Executive Committee for nearly all of the past 10 years in the positions of Senator-at-large and Chair of the Redbook Committee.



EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Two vacancies – Three year term

Must be a Faculty Senator/ Only one can be elected from A&S, CoB, or Speed



_____    Yousef Abu-Kwaik (Medicine)

_____    Raymond Austin (PHIS)*

I am very interested to continue supporting the needs and interests of the University of Louisville faculty as the field of higher education continues to evolve and deal with a variety of changes and challenges.  Serving on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee provides an opportunity to do this.  In addition to serving several years as a member of the Faculty Senate and the Executive Committee, I have served on a number of other committees, including the Planning and Budget Committee and the Academic Programs Committee.  I have also served on the Graduate Council.  At UofL, I have held faculty positions on Belknap and Health Science Campus, so I can readily appreciate the needs of both campuses.

_____    Robert Barker (CoB)

_____    Terri Holtze (Libraries)

I am a faculty member in the University Libraries who has served on the Faculty Senate since 2010. In that time I have gained experience by being a member and then the chair for the Committee on Committees and Credentials and the Planning and Budget Committee. During my terms on those committees I also served as a representative to the Executive Committee (XC). I feel that the XC plays a critical role in the collegial governance of the University. Communication between administration and faculty frequently funnels through this body. In my role as member of this committee I would advocate for transparency and open discussion of issues that concern our faculty.

_____    Elaine Wise (A&S)*

As the Faculty Athletics Representative for U of L, as well as Chair of Humanities and a longtime member of the Senate, I am able to bring a number of perspectives to the Executive Committee in its deliberation of university-wide issues.




ACADEMIC PROGRAMS COMMITTEE – Two vacancies – Three year term

One must be a Faculty Senator / Cannot be from A&S

_____    Chin Ng (Medicine)*NFS

I have learned a lot about the process of creating an academic program at UofL from my first term, so I would be delighted to serve another term. I am also serving in the Performance Criteria and Economic Welfare Committee in the School of Medicine. As a faculty senator, I am also serving in the SACS Faculty Subcommittee.



Must be a Faculty Senator / Cannot be from A&S, CoB, Law


_____    Martin Hall (Kent)*

_____    Susan Peacock (CEHD)*


PART-TIME FACULTY COMMITTEE – One vacancy – Two year term

Does not have be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit


_____    Dylan Naeger*NFS

Dylan Naeger is an incumbent member of the Part-Time Faculty Committee and has been a member since 2009.  Dylan is one of three full-time faculty members elected to the Committee.  During Dylan’s years of service, the Committee has continued to be an active voice for all part-time constituents on campus and has worked to gain more recognition and opportunities for part-time faculty.  Dylan helped with the creation of an orientation for new part-time faculty and has been involved with the election process for the Committee. Dylan has been an Instructor with the Health and Sport Sciences Department since 2005.




Must be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit



_____    Forest Arnold (Medicine)*

_____    Kurt Metzmeier (Law)*

_____    Krista Wallace-Boaz (Music)*





Does not have to be a Faculty Senator  / May be from any unit

This committee advises on matters pertaining to dining service operations, including location of dining service outlets, quality and quantity of products, service, product lines or offerings, as well as any other dining service matter.


_____    Bingtuan Li (A&S) NFS



PARKING ADVISORY COMMITTEE – One vacancy – Two year term

Must be from Belknap / Does not have to be a Faculty Senator / May be from any Belknap unit

This committee reviews parking issues related to policy and planning; makes recommendations to Parking Administration; serves as a communication mechanism between the various University constituencies and the Parking Administration.


_____    Changbing Hu (A&S) NFS

_____    Tom Simmons (Education)


PARKING APPEALS COMMITTEE: One Vacancy – Two year term

Must be from HSC / Does not have to be a Faculty Senator / May be from any HSC unit

This committee reviews submitted parking citation appeals, using the University Parking Rules and Regulations as its guide.

_____    Scott LaJoie (Public Health)*


STAFF SENATE REPRESENTATIVE – One vacancy – One year term

Must be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit

The Faculty Senate representative to the Staff Senate attends the monthly Staff Senate meetings and reports there on Faculty Senate business.


_____    Robert Staat (Dentistry)*

I would be honored to continue being the Faculty Senate representative to the Staff Senate.





STUDENT CONDUCT HEARING BOARD (formerly Student Appeals Committee) – Two vacancies – Three year term

Does not have to be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit

The hearing board is composed of three members chosen from a pool of trained students, faculty and staff. The hearing board will hear information and make recommendations to the Dean of Students regarding findings and sanctions (if any) to be imposed.

_____ Joseph Gutmann (A&S)

_____    Kurt Metzmeier (Law)*


STUDENT GOVERNEMENT REPRESENTATIVE – One vacancy – One year term (may be shared)

Must be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit

The Faculty Senate representative to the Student Government Association attends the bi-monthly meetings and reports there on Faculty Senate business.


_____    Patrick Hardesty (Education)*


_____    Scott LaJoie (Public Health)*



STUDENT GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE – Four vacancies – Three year term

Does not have to be a Faculty Senator / May be from any unit

The University Student Grievance Committee consists of four faculty members and three student members. The committee shall also have three alternate faculty members and three alternate student members. The faculty members shall be elected for staggered three-year terms by the Faculty Senate.


_____    Robert Barker (CoB)*



_____    Elizabeth Reilly (Libraries)*NFS


_____    Jeffery King (Medicine)

_____    Robert Wright (A&S) NFS