Faculty Senate

Information for the Faculty of the University of Louisville.



DATE:  October 1, 2014

TIME:   3:00-5:00 PM

SITE:    Dental School, Rm 125, HSC


Agenda Items for Presentation

  1. Call to Order                                                                                                                                      Feldhoff
  2. Action Item:  Approval of Minutes of September 3, 2014 Feldhoff
  3. Report of the Student Government Association:                                                                               Funk
  4. Report of the Staff Senate                                                                                                           Lewis-Klein
  5. Information Item:  Vision & Strategic Plan for Arts and Sciences                                 Kempf-Leonard
  6. Information Item:  Steps being taken to insure safety on all UofL campuses         Brown
  7. Report of the Provost (4:00)                                                                                                       Willihnganz
  8. Reports of the Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate
  • Academic Programs (APC) - ANNUAL REPORT Demuth
  • Committee on Committees & Credentials (CCC)                                                        Sahoo
  • Redbook and Bylaws (RB)  – ANNUAL REPORT Wallace-Boaz
  • Part Time Faculty (PTF)                                                                                                          Peacock
  • Planning & Budget Committee (P&B)                                                                              Holtze
  • Executive Committee (XC)                                                                                                   Trucios-Haynes
  1. Other Reports
    1. FAR
    2. University-Wide Committees


  1. New Business
  2. Announcements
  3. Adjournment