Faculty Senate

Information for the Faculty of the University of Louisville.


Purpose of the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the officially-recognized governance group for all faculty members at the University of Louisville.

As such, the Faculty Senate participates in the shared governance process with the University Administration, the Staff Senate and the Student Government Association.


In its advisory role, the Faculty Senate reviews University policies and budgets, proposed academic programs, institutes and centers, and any documents affecting faculty, and makes recommendations to the Administration on issues of concern for the welfare of the faculty, as a whole.



The Faculty Senate consists of sixty-four (64) members, each elected by their unit. Membership is open to all faculty members. Each unit is allotted a number of representatives according to a formula determined in the bylaws of the Faculty Senate. Faculty Senators serve three year terms.



Part-time faculty are recognized as vital members of the academic community, and have the opportunity to serve on the Senate's Part-time Faculty Committee.



An Open Letter to Governor Bevin and Members of the Kentucky State Legislature


January 6, 2017


Dear Governor Bevin and Members of the Kentucky State Legislature:


As faculty at the University of Louisville responsible for the teaching, research and service mission of this important state institution, we are justifiably and seriously concerned about continued threats to the accreditation that is necessary for student access to federal loans and faculty access to many federal grants, the continued accreditation of our professional schools, and the University’s participation in NCAA athletics.  We are alarmed by any political actions that further threaten the University’s current probationary status with accreditors and create additional uncertainty. 


SACS compliance is of critical importance to the University of Louisville.  We call on the Governor and Kentucky State Legislature to do what is needed to maintain SACS accreditation. The University needs the support of our community, alumni, business leaders, and elected officials so we can continue to focus on our core mission– educating students, creating new knowledge through research, and serving and engaging our community.  This vital mission must be the priority for the benefit of our students and our state.


Respectfully submitted,

Enid Trucios-Haynes

Professor of Law, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

Chair of Faculty Senate & Trustee of University of Louisville

Co-Director, Brandeis Human Rights Advocacy Program

Interim Director, Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice



















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