The Center for Family and Community Well-Being (CFCWB) advances the well-being of vulnerable populations through the development and dissemination of evidence based practices, technology driven innovations, and research to address complex social problems such as violence and trauma, poverty, injustice, and disparities in health and mental health. The Center offers a unique hub for the translation of research into practice and partnership into synergy.

The center will utilize the expertise of faculty from the Kent School of Social Work and partners throughout the University and community to achieve this mission through the following core activities by:

  • Sponsoring community symposiums and national conferences on key topics
  • Providing professional development opportunities on evidence based practices and newly developed manualized treatment approaches
  • Partnering with technology transfer to translate faculty research into technological tools for advancing the well-being of vulnerable populations.
  • Conducting direct service delivery of manualized programs to vulnerable populations
  • Offering program evaluation and grant development for community partners
  • Engaging in rigorous research on the needs of and interventions for vulnerable populations by  Center Faculty
  • Disseminating practice, policy, and research briefs to inform and promote best practices for family and community well-being

The Center will seek extramural funding through federal and foundation grants, state and local contracts, and well as corporate sponsorship to support these core activities.