Housing Policy

 State of Metropolitan Housing Report

On behalf of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition (MHC), the Center for Environmental Policy and Management conducts and compiles research relevant to housing in the metropolitan region. The annual State of Metropolitan Housing Report provides indicators on nine measures of affordable housing and has different focus issues annually. Some informative videos that align with the theme of fair and affordable housing can be found here.

This report was contracted by the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission and was written in collaboration with The Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research at the University of Louisville and the Metropolitan Housing Coalition. Searching for Safe, Fair, and Affordable Housing: Learning from Experiences is an analysis/assessment that consists of a written research-based report derived from two kinds of data: (1) compilation and analysis of existing relevant quantitative findings and (2) focus groups of persons in protected classes on housing choices.  Protected classes are defined by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, family status, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Using current local housing data and focus group results, the report formulates the realities (and myths) of housing availability that meets the needs of protected classes within Louisville Metro.




Jeffersonville Housing Inventory Study