AM Metals Safety

This workshop is designed for managers, engineers and others responsible for the safety and health of employees working with metal additive manufacturing technology. For operators and shop employees, the workshop will increase understanding of safety practices and raise awareness of workplace hazards.


This hands-on workshop covers standard metal powder bed technology, machine and materials safeguards, and regulations and procedures for metals additive manufacturing. Guidance is provided on the hazards associated with machinery and on determination of proper safety and standard operating procedures (SOP’s). Training topics include machine processes, secondary processes, personal protective equipment (PPE) and waste handling.

Student Learning Outcomes: Attending this workshop students will learn

  • To identify safety issues associated with a metals additive manufacturing facility.
  • To interpret the various safety regulations and apply that knowledge to their specific situation
  • To formulate a site specific safety plan

Workshop Length: 1 Day (7.5 Contact Hours)

Workshop Cost: $ 999.00

Workshop Location:University of Louisville

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