What are the benefits of going to Plone 4?

What are the benefits of going to Plone 4?

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  • Significant Performance Improvements: Plone 4 is about twice as fast as Plone 3 was under high loads, and up to four times faster than Plone 2.5.


  • Updated and Improved Editor: Improved image upload and insertion dialogs, strong support for HTML table editing (a weak area of Plone’s previous editor), and better support for inserting Flash content.


  • Improved Handling of Large Files & Media: Plone 4 now stores all file and image data on the file system rather than in one big database file. This improves performance and reduces resource consumption.


  • Reduced Memory Footprint: On average, Plone 4 uses about 20% less RAM than Plone 3. Even better, Plone's memory consumption no longer grows over time but remains constant after initial caches are filled up.


  • Decentralized Administrators: Allows customer administrators to customize their own Plone sites. Administrators will be able to install new approved Plone add-on products when IT makes them available. Customizing and making decisions on features used on their site only.