About the Stockroom and Central Receiving


The Stockroom and Central Receiving are both located on Belknap Campus, at 1901 S. Floyd Street.

Operating Hours

Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 7:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Contact Information

Phone:  Stockroom  (502) 852-6253
Central Receiving  (502) 852-5890
Fax:  (502) 852-0837
Email:  General Stockroom Account

Mission Statement for Stockroom

The mission of Stores is to stock quality products at competitive prices, of certain supplies and materials, and have them available for pick-up or delivered within twenty-four hours.

Mission Statement for Central Receiving

The mission of Central Receiving is to receive goods for the entire University and expedite those goods in conjunction with Stores to University departments in a timely and efficient manner assuring the goods are received in good condition preventing the University from incurring unnecessary losses while complying with State and Federal Commerce Laws.


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