State Authorization

State Authorization is a regulatory process whereby states require higher education institutions from other states to obtain the state’s approval before enrolling students, advertising, marketing, or performing other regulated activities in their state whether via distance education, practical or clinical experiences, or other face-to-face activities (e.g. student services, proctored exams, etc.).

The requirements as to which activities require authorization, the application processes, and the costs to comply vary greatly from state-to-state. UofL is seeking authorization or exemption for online learning, recruiting, advertising, physical presence (e.g. field experiences, clinicals, and practicum), and enrollment in all 50 states. Each state is prioritized by the number of current or expected students and presumed activities related to recruiting and retaining online learning students in that state. UofL activities may be limited in some states. These restrictions may not be consistent in all states, as each state has its own regulations.