University of Louisville Sponsorship Program

The University of Louisville is a nationally recognized metropolitan research university with a brand that conveys excellence in educational, social, healthcare, cultural, community and economic development. As such, the brand has significant value for both the university community and for external entities seeking to partner with the university.

The university recognizes that many of its activities and programs provide potential sources of revenue or non-financial benefits through the creation of private-sector partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. It’s also important to recognize that, as a public institution, the University of Louisville’s reputation and brand must be protected and that activities and organizations associated with the university must align with the university’s mission and pursuit of excellence and inclusiveness. The University has the right to and will refuse sponsorship from unacceptable sources, or entities wishing to communicate an unacceptable message.

The sponsorship development program is managed by the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) in cooperation with the Department of Purchasing, and with oversight by a Sponsorship Advisory Committee, which reviews program activities, processes and outcomes annually. Learfield Communications, Inc. is the exclusive sponsorship broker for the university and is responsible for development of sponsorship agreements and sponsorship activation management.

All current or future sponsorship marketing agreements, inclusive of extensions and renewal of grandfathered agreements, must be communicated to, reviewed by and approved by OCM. OCM is the only department with authorized signatory authority on sponsorship agreements. Individual units or departments should not contract directly (unless a policy exception is granted) with a sponsor on behalf of the university.

Any exceptions to the sponsorship policy must have prior approval from OCM. Such exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The sponsorship development program does not apply to non-university entities seeking support or funding from the university. Outgoing sponsorship and advertising opportunities are managed by OCM’s director of brand marketing.

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