Areas to Support

The School of Public Health and Information Sciences strives to become a nationally recognized center of excellence for the creation, sharing and application of knowledge for the public’s health. In doing so, the SPHIS endeavors to lead local, national and global efforts to solve some of this century’s greatest health and environmental challenges.

The University of Louisville is a critical resource for improving economic development, social justice, racial harmony and an understanding of urban issues. The city draws on the energy of the university and conversely, we reciprocate by supporting and engaging the city.


We humbly ask for your consideration of a gift to support our students, faculty, and school. Your gift supports our collective power to create healthier and more just communities. Your gift today supports the Louisville community, our region, nation, and world by building future public health leaders. Your gift can meet the needs of public health students by:
• Providing scholarships
• Access to professional conferences
• Supporting study abroad or international experiences
• Funding graduate assistantships and post-doctoral research

For more information, contact: Angela Champion Sprowl, MPA, CFRE, Senior Director of Development, at or 502-852-2031


General School of Public Health & Information Sciences Fund

This fund provides general support to SPHIS, which includes, but not limited to: general operations, student activities and programs, faculty development, and deferred maintenance. You may designate your gift to the Fund for SPHIS, which is used where the school’s needs are greatest.

Richard D. Clover, MD Scholarship Endowment

This financial need/merit-based scholarship was established through a generous gift from founding Dean and his wife, Dr. & Mrs. Richard Clover.

Population Health Scholarship

This fund provides scholarships for students in the Health Management and Systems Science (HMSS) department. HMSS students learn to develop, disseminate, and apply evidence-based knowledge about health policymaking, systems design, and quality healthcare delivery.

SPHIS Alumni Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established by SPHIS alumni to provide support for students. The fund has been made into a permanent endowment. Contributions will allow the corpus of the funds to grow, and gifts will live in perpetuity.

Accelerated MPH Program

The accelerated degree program allows a student to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health (BA) and the Master of Public Health (MPH) over a five-year period. The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program is designed to provide students with training in foundational MPH competencies as well as a specific area of concentration. MPH graduates are prepared for positions in the public health work force, health‐related industries, academic organizations, or for further professional or academic education. We hope to assist this group of bright minds to ensure they able to graduate and begin impactful careers in public health.

Student Support for Conferences & Travel Fund

This fund helped defray some partial expenses of attending academic conferences but weren’t nearly enough to make it affordable for all to attend. Student presented papers, poster presentations, networked with established public health professionals, and participated in a learning environment that ensure success in a competitive and changing public health landscape. Our goal to provide at least $1000 to 25 students each year. This will allow students to incur minimal out of pocket expenses for conference travel and for a significant increase in students participating in national conferences and academic competition. With your help, our students and researchers will be recognized thought leaders solving the emerging and difficult issues impacting population health.

Program and Departmental Support Opportunities

Frazier Polypharmacy Program

The Frazier Polypharmacy Program is a program dedicated to research, education and outreach regarding the challenge of Polypharmacy. It was launched through the support of a local citizen and philanthropist (Mrs. Jean Frazier. Polypharmacy is the use of high levels and variable combinations of prescription medications, over the counter medications, supplements and vitamins.

Office of Public Health Practice

The Office of Public Health Practice (OPHP) was established to support practice, education, applied research and community–university health partnerships by building bridges between academia and the “real” world of public health.

Master in Public Health (MPH) Concentration areas to support:

  • Biostatistics - An opportunity for students to receive a mixture of quantitative skills as well as wide exposure to the field of public health.
  • Epidemiology - Receive advanced training in the theory and methods of epidemiology and study of viruses and diseases on a local, national, and global level.
  • Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences - Influence positive health related behavior and policy initiatives to impact long-term health improvement within our communities.
  • Health Policy - Develop innovative healthcare leaders to pursue effective health policy making and implementation within a healthcare system.
  • Global Public Health with an Emphasis in Maternal & Child Health - Prepares public health professionals with the skills necessary to contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of global health programs. Students engage in practices that will improve the health and well-being of underserved populations in low- and middle-income settings abroad and within the United States.

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