Madeline Martinez

2021 Delta Scholars Program Scholarship

Madeline Martinez

Madeline Martinez

Sophomore Madeline Martinez won a scholarship in the Delta Scholars Program.

The program is for students who attend college in the Mississippi Delta region who are interested in community service and social justice. Madeline will attend a 10-day summer program at Mississippi State University and a five-day fall program at Harvard University.

I am beyond honored to be the first student at the University of Louisville to be part of the Delta Scholars Program. As an immigrant student myself, I hope to represent my community and work towards social justice in public health and other systemic injustices in our region."


Madeline will graduate in May 2024 with bachelor's degrees in nursing. She is an MLK Scholar.


Tamara Russell, MLK program coordinator, and Dr. Bethany Smith, who helps oversee national and international scholarships at UofL.


Versailles, KY

High School:

Woodford County High School (2020)


Mother Cira Mar Gallardo, Versailles, KY