Lucy Kurtz

2020 Fulbright Scholar

Lucy Kurtz

Lucy Kurtz

Lucy Kurtz has been selected for a Fulbright Research Award to conduct research in bioengineering in Canada.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers research, study and teaching opportunities in more than 140 countries to recent graduates and graduate students. Administered in the U.S. by the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Fulbright program was established in 1946 to promote international goodwill through education and cultural exchange.

I have always seen research abroad as unattainable, but my experience working in the labs of my professors here at UofL ultimately convinced me to pursue Fulbright. I am grateful for this opportunity to represent my school, and I embrace the challenge of solving engineering problems in a new environment."

Collegiate Experience

  • Areas of Study:

    • Graduated in May 2020, with a degree in bioengineering

    Additional Awards:

    • Jill S. Tietjen, P.E. SWE Scholarship (2019), Habitat on the Hill Emerging Leader Award (2020), Henry Vogt Scholarship (2016)

Inspired By

Patricia Soucy has been my mentor since she served as the faculty advisor for the Society of Women Engineers while I was president. I have had her as a professor for two of my favorite classes, and she has written me countless recommendations and provided me career advice on multiple occasions. I see her as my primary mentor in this and many of my college endeavors. Jonathan Kopechek is also a fantastic mentor and a high-quality teacher. He has been my most approachable and friendliest professor in all of Speed School and has also been a wonderful and kind advisor. Michael S. Keibler has been my literal advisor for four years and has graciously helped me through tough co-op decisions while providing a strong sense of optimism. I am grateful that he was willing to be an unconventional mentor to me, and I will miss his positive spirit.

Hometown Information

  • Hometown:

    Owensboro, KY
  • High school:

    Owensboro Catholic High School (2016)

  • Parents:

    John and Chrissy Kurtz of Owensboro, KY