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Workers Comp Claim

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Making a Workers' Comp Claim

Guidelines for Submission

If you are an injured employee STOP, and notify your supervisor. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to submit the claim form to Enterprise Risk.


Step 1: Click the Workers' Comp Claim button on the right and complete the electronic form. Use the Next button in the form to move trough each section. Remember all required fields must be completed before you can move forward or submit the claim. Be as specfic, accurate, and complete as possible.

Step 2: Submit the Workers' Comp Claim form.

Step 3: Upon Submission, the employee will be sent an email with additional information about the claims process and a link to complete the KY Fraud Statement.

Step 4: Once the injured employee returns to work, please notify Enterprise Risk at or (502) 852-6926 for processing.

If you have any questions about this process or about the Workers' Comp Claim form please contact Enterprise Risk at or (502) 852-6926.


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